Web Techniques

Getting your ideas online

Insight & Research

Learning about your industry and what your target audience want is just the start of the journey

Designing a website without any knowledge of the industry is like playing a video game without knowing the controls. That's why every Panda Digital site begins with research.

Every website and every company are different. So our team research your company, the industry and your needs before any designs are made. This allows us to get a better understanding and ensure that we can make the best design, first time.

It's What We Do

No templates or re-using existing layouts. Every site from Panda Digital is uniquely made and built from scratch

Your website is promoting your brand online. So why have a pre-made, box standard template? Here at Panda Digital we design and build every website from scratch. We use our comprehensive design and development guide to ensure every site represents the brand, its industry and its target audience.

From Design, to development and beyond our team use the latest in web development trends and technologies to ensure every site is state of the art and ready to compete in a busy web market. We also offer after sales support to ensure your website is indexed on search engines and connected to any social media platforms.

Looks That Kill

High Res pictures, slick animations and all the latest technologies. These are just some of the tricks we use to ensure every site we make is beautiful, interactive and everything in between. We take advantage of all of the advances in internet technology to make sure all sites are competitive.